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Why Westair?  Who are these guys?

Ever thought about this?  If you're welding in West Texas, you have.  With 10 locations and assorted competitors, Westair is sometimes misunderstood and sometimes misrepresented.  Are they the big guys or the local guys?

Here is the truth...Westair Gas & Equipment, L.P. was founded and is still led by Ken Morrison, a native of Abilene who has been in the welding supply business all his life.  His father, Grady Morrison, started a welding supply business in Abilene in 1939 and brought Ken up in a family business that stressed home town pride and local customer service.  As a young entrepreneur, Ken started his own company in 1981 and eventually sold it to a national corporation in 1988, exiting 5 years later with a better understanding of how "big business" works.  Recognizing the best in both scenarios, Ken devised a new business model that relies on local business decisions with the support of a large corporate partner.  "Think Big, Act Small" has become the motto and operating standard of Westair.  With Praxair as the national partner and Ken as the local partner, Westair has grown from its inception in 1996 to the leader in West Texas in the welding supply and industrial gas business.

So what does this mean to you? Westair and Praxair have a unique relationship that offers you the best of both worlds.  With the buying power of a large national company and the flexibility of a small local company, our knowledgeable and experienced employees deliver world class products and services in the West Texas marketplace.  Our stores are stocked with the most modern supplies with emphasis on local needs, and if we don't have it - we can get it quickly through our preferred vendor relationships.  Our 70 plus employees have accumulated over 800 combined years of experience in serving the welding and gas needs in West Texas.  From the salesman at the counter, to the driver on the delivery truck, to the voice from customer service, you are working with someone who works and lives in West Texas. - not New York City!  That's why you hear us say "We call West Texas home" - because it is.

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